A-dec500Continental  A-Dec: Professional dental chairs and delivery systems

   The A-dec Way: From the time Ken and Joan Austin were hiring their first employees to help revolutionize the world of dental equipment, the husband-and-wife team held firm a set of principles that continues to guide the company today: an unbending desire to serve and support personnel, suppliers, distributors, dentists and their teams, and the patients who benefit from superior dental care. Referred to as The A-dec Way, the Austins' 1964 vision established a roadmap to champion initiative, integrity and open communication.

  Radius delivery system: One of the industry's most reliable delivery solutions for over 15 years, Radius features a robust design and full left/right conversion.

  Designed to offer balanced comfort regardless of patient size. The Cascade dental chair features layers of various foam densities–one for lumbar support, one for overall support, and one for contoured comfort. For even more cushioning, choose the optional sewn upholstery.





NSK Ti-Max X700L

  NSK designed and engineered the new Ti-Max X to be simply the best air turbine handpiece you can buy. Newly developed Dual Air Jet generates unmatched 22W power, offering such level of performance that you’ve never experienced before. Brighter cellular optics assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of treatment field. Quattro Water Spray provides optimum cooling effect with mist-like fine water droplets. And, incredibly lightweight, delicately curved Arc-line solid titanium body lets you keep an ideal head and grip angle even when working on hard-to-access spot. Every feature of Ti-Max X is so designed as to make your operation easier, faster and stress-free.


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TiX_adv_09 TiX_adv_04 autoclavemark



  • Ergonomic Arc-line Body
  • NSK Quattro Water Spray
  • Unmatched 22W Torque by NSK Dual Air Jet
  • ISB (Integrated Shaft Bearings)
  • NSK Cellular Glass Optics
  • Award-winning NSK Clean Head System
  • NSK Autoclavable
  • Thermodisinfector Ready




  NSK iPex Locatormain08

  State of the art Apex locator for pecise canal treatment

  The new NSK advanced digital apex locator accurately measures the length of any Root canal, including dry, wet and bloody canals, and eliminates the problems from using analogue locators. It automatically selects the best possible combination of frequency to meet patient’s canal condition, thus guarantees safer canal interventions and improves patients’ comfort. iPex’s large LCD display plus audio signal instantly provides accurate information required for precise canal treatment.




3M_ESPE_Logo 4801450-i2

  Our formula for success - working with top of the line materials

   A formula for success

  Many factors contribute to the overall success of your dental practice. An important one is the brands you choose to depend on for dental products and services.

   3M ESPE composit materials – With 3M ESPE, you get more than just a provider of innovative dental products and services. You get a partner dedicated to the highest possible standards in dentistry. We are driven to deliver practical and ingenious solutions that make a difference to your practice. And, like you, we are committed to improving the care of your patients.

  GC materials – GC's goal is very clear - as an innovative company encompassing both tradition and experience, they are dedicated to setting further milestones in dentistry. In their aim to achieve this goal, their primary concern is not simply technical product safety; they are also focused on the safety of people and oral health in particular, naturally always combined with the latest scientific knowledge.


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   KODAK RVG 6100

    Digital Radiography System

    Highest Quality. Highest Resolution.

  The KODAK RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System has the highest resolution digital imaging sensor on the market today. We understand how image resolution is related to confident diagnoses - and ultimately to the quality of patient care. The RVG 6100 System provides the high resolution you need for complex examinations and to make diagnoses quickly and confidently.


  Comfortable and Durable.

  Due to technological advances with the optical plate and scintillator, all size sensors have increased "sensitivity," which allows practitioners to decrease the radiation dose — up to 10% decrease for sizes 1 & 2 and 40% decrease for size 0 (depending on type and age of x-ray generator). In addition, the sensor’s rounded corners and ergonomic design helps make positioning easier than ever.


op111   op22 Оперативно оборудване от W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH

  Innovation and tradition: W&H leads the way in dental technology. It can look back on more than 120 years of experience in manufacturing high quality dental products. Today, W&H stands for innovative product and service solutions with a strong focus on research and development.

  W&H    Implantmed – The intelligent drive unit

  Ease of use is the primary feature. You can set up all the steps for an implantation without difficulty and complete the treatment smoothly.

  It also has an endo function for root canal preparation.

  W&H Elcomed – Elcomed – Number 1 in the operating theatre

  In addition to the expert knowledge of the surgeon, the drive unit is also a pivotal factor in the success of a surgical procedure. The new Elcomed from W&H is a high-quality innovative solution for maxillofacial surgery and implantology.



Clip_42   Anaesthesia Workstations from Dräger

  The Dräger Fabius® provides everything you need for high quality anesthesia care in small spaces. Its compact yet flexible design gives you excellent functionality and lets you make the most of the space available. The Fabius Tiro® can be equipped with a wide range of options that will allow you to customize it to suit your particular needs.  

  Dental center "Prof. Dr. Nikola Polihronov" is equipped with anesрthesia workstation Dräger Fabius® that ensures the safe and smooth running of every procedure with us.  











lamp222  Zoom2! - Tooth Whitening Lamp 

  What is Zoom2 Tooth Whitening?

    In just 45 minutes, this safe and effective system can give you the instant results you've been wanting – an average of eight shades! A specially designed light activates the Zoom! Whitening Gel to gently break down stains on your teeth to put the sparkle back in your smile! Also with the new Zoom2 system, our patients experience up to 67% less sensitivity than with the previous Zoom! system.

   Zoom2 Whitening is very safe while under the supervision of a trained dentist, like one form the Dr. Polihronov's team. It is one of the safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. However, we do not recommend this procedure for pregnant women or children under age 13.


  If you're looking for a fast way to dramatically whiten your teeth, Zoom2 Chair side Whitening System may be the answer for you.





Dental Center "Prof. Dr. Nikola Polihronov" is equipped with state of the art central ventilation system and central medical gases.