Дентълен център Полихронов

Dear patients,

  Here at Dental Center “Prof. Dr. Nikola Polihronov” we hold on to three basic principles:

1. The first one is to create a top of the line dental center, equipped with the newest, most advanced equipment and materials, of leading companies, meeting the highest European and international requirements in the field.

2. The next one is to offer you the most advanced and competent treatment in all areas of dentistry, ranging from treatment of children, orthodontic problems, accurate root canal treatment and restorations using the newest and most advanced methods to achieve optimal dental aesthetics. These methods include the creation of ceramic veneers and zirconium, prepared by highly qualified dentists, university professors at Medical University of Sofia. We also offer all kinds of maxillofacial operations and methods of implant treatment. The clinic has its own operating rooms. A team of highly trained surgeons and anesthesiologists with extensive experience performs all operations in a safe and pleasant manner.

One of our advantages is the ability to perform all medical procedures  under general intravenous anesthesia for patients fearful of dental treatments.

3. Third - our goal is to continuously improve our work, so that we can be certain and confident that the treatment offered is always the best one possible. We approach each clinical case and problem with full responsibility and awareness of the confidence the patient has in us.

The name Dental Center “Prof. Dr. Nichola Polihronov” has and always will be a symbol of professionalism and responsibility when working with each and every one of you!

Дентален Център Полихронов Дентален Център Полихронов Дентален Център Полихронов Дентален Център Полихронов Дентален Център Полихронов